Who We Are

Established in 2004, Falcon Motor Xpress Ltd specialized in the transportation of retail, commercial and industrial goods throughout the North American markets. Working with many reputable Companies within North America, Falcon Motor Xpress Ltd has become one of Canada’s most reputable and dependable logistics companies.

Falcon Motor Xpress Ltd. is a privately held company, with the head office situated in Brampton. Our strategy is to continue to provide our existing and new clients with the same personal, pro-active and efficient service that enticed them to us originally.

Falcon Motor Xpress Ltd are committed to be the provider of the most efficient, accessible, secure, and above all, the most cost effectiv choice within the logistics sector. Our mission is to provide excellence in customer service through innovation, flexibility, creativity and proactively meet the needs of our valued clients.

We concentrates on national and regional transportation of general commodities freight, involving primarily. General commodities include all freight except hazardous waste, dangerous explosives, commodities of exceptionally high value, commodities in bulk and those requiring special equipment. Our general commodities shipments differ from shipments of bulk raw materials which are commonly transported by railroad, pipeline and water carrier.

The relationship Falcon Motor Xpress Ltd has established with there carriers assures that our customers receive consistent and reliable service at reasonable prices. Falcon Motor Xpress Ltd is equipped to handle any product you need to ship. Established in 2004, with service to all over North America, we have earned a reputation as a safe, dependable and on-time carrier. From the first call to our logistics department to final delivery of your product, you will be certain our staff and fleet of driving professionals will meet or exceed your specific needs.

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+1 866 383 9100
+1 888 440 6411
Mailing Address:
12151 Airport Road
Caledon ON
L7C 2X3
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6086 Mayfield Road
Caledon ON
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